3 Alarming Stats About Nonprofit Content Marketing


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The simple truth is, your nonprofit needs to be engaging in content marketing.

Although it may seem saturated and you’re too late to the game, the fact is, it is an essential piece of a nonprofit’s marketing campaign. It enables you to tell your story, dote about your services, and offer another avenue to web users to your donation and volunteer pages.
Content marketing is for whatever you make it. Fundraising, brand awareness, engagement, supporter loyalty, constituent acquisition, website traffic, volunteer recruitment, or anything else. It all comes down to what content you make public, and what your goals are.

    1. 92% of nonprofits use content marketing

      Content marketing is broadly defined as the creation of any media with the intention of acquiring customers, donors, or volunteers. The media can come in the form of videos, written essays, research statistics, step-by-step guides or and anything in between.

      Before starting your content marketing campaigns think about who you want to attract, and how you want to attract them. Deciding this before getting started is the key to having a focused and effective content marketing campaign.

      2. 25% of nonprofit professionals have a documented content strategy

      It is one thing yo have a content marketing strategy, but it’s an entirely other to have a content marketing strategy you track and document.

      If your social traffic, social shares, clicks, average time on page, bounce rate, or page traffic is not kept track of, how do you know if you’re resonating with your audience? Track progress? It is important after instituting a content marketing campaign that analytics are tracked and documented to ensure its effectiveness.

      3. 20% lack of time, 19% lack of budget major reasons for not having content marketing

      Time and money are always factors in being able to do anything at an organizational level. And making sure your nonprofit is being presented in a professional way to the public is paramount. So I can understand the hesitation to do something half way.

      But, the bottom line is, content marketing is important, and if your nonprofit isn’t actively pursuing it, you could soon find yourself left behind.

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