2 Fiscal Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Nonprofits

Image courtesy of Advantages of Cloud Computing. Image courtesy of Advantages of Cloud Computing.

Your nonprofit may be employing cloud computing without even knowing it. Some general programs often taken for granted by contemporary nonprofit employees include Office 365, Google Docs, email software, CRM systems, and database management software, all of which can be accessed in the cloud depending on the service provider.

Yet, despite all the interest and inadvertent use of cloud computing, many nonprofits are hesitant to use the technology to its full potential for fear of costs.

What you may not know is how cloud computing can directly benefit your bottom line, and potentially even save you money, according to Unit 4.

  1. Reduce capital expenditures

    Large up-front capital expenditures for on-site server solutions can become a thing of the past because of a switch to cloud computing.

    Nonprofits opting to use cloud services will pay via annual subscriptions, which are often equal to, or in some cases even less than, annual maintenance fees nonprofits dish out for on-site solutions. Also, eliminating the need to replace on-site servers and back-up systems every handful of years will save your nonprofit a decent amount of money.

  2. Lower IT support costs

    By switching to the cloud many nonprofits greatly decrease IT support costs. Making system-wide changes in the cloud will be much simpler, as compared to going from machine to machine or ensuring all staff members are using the latest software versions.

    Additionally, cloud computing allows you the option of turning on, or off, whatever update you would like allowing you to trouble-shoot and keep your system updated with little effort.

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