12 Attributes Of An Excellent Nonprofit Executive

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What makes a great leader?

Is it crisp decision making? The ability to surround himself with an outstanding staff? Is it goal setting, and the ability to reach these goals? Or is it great listening skills?

It is all of these attributes and more. Truly great leaders are not made, but are instead born. The lead because it makes up who they are.

While not every nonprofit executive will have each one of these attributes, they are qualities that we can all aspire to in some way or another.

  1. Self Starter

    Great leaders do not need others to get going. They instead get themselves, and others, going all at once. They are productive doers who have high energy, and drive success.

  2. Passion for the organization’s mission

    They acknowledge and identify themselves with their nonprofit’s mission. To them, it is the most important problems that needs solving in the world.

  3. Ability to unconditionally accept, and motivate others

    An excellent nonprofit executive can accept anyone, and in turn, motivate them to success.

  4. Ability to be a ‘servant leader’

    They can prioritize organizational goals ahead of personal goals, and is always more concerned about what they can ‘give’ to others.

  5. Can deal with conflict

    Criticism is a chance to grow; Adversity is a chance to learn; And their perspective never falters.

  6. Strategic thinking, tactful implementation

    The big picture is always in focus for a great nonprofit executive. Plans are well though out with each step being executed at precisely the right time.

  7. Financial savvy

    Great nonprofit leaders can identify financial threats, while minimizing their effects.

  8. Fundraising skills

    Fundraising is central to a nonprofit’s success. A great nonprofit executive is knowledgable and experienced in a variety of fundraising methods.

  9. Ability to listen

    Great leaders not only relay information to their staff, they listen after. They are able to understand ideas, thoughts, and concerns others make and use that information to advance their nonprofit’s mission.

  10. Sure judgement

    Making sound judgements after considering alternatives is perhaps the most imperative quality of all.

  11. Persistence

    Obstacles are mere blips in the radar. They see potential road blocks and power directly through them. Never wavering from their laurels.

  12. Stamina

    Lastly, great leader maintain a level of physical and emotional stamina that is second to none. They are able to tolerate long days, late nights, while consistently driving results.

  13. What makes a great leader to you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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