11 Must Read Nonprofit Tech Reports

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There's enough information available to contemporary society to make your head spin. We're constantly berated with e-mails, text messages, alerts, updates, pings, calls and voice mails.

Dozens of media outlets are shouting sensationalist titles at us, vying for our attention and clicks.

With all this noise it is sometimes difficult to decide where you should be getting information, what is actually important, or when to look for it. Tech Impact has a list of some of the most important nonprofit tech, fundraising, and marketing reports your nonprofit needs to see, all in one place.
  • 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study - Originally published by M+R Benchmarks
    Published by M+R and NTEN

  • 2014 Charitable Giving Report - Originally published by blackbaud
    Published by Blackbaud

  • 2014 Digital Persuasion Report - Originally published by Waggener Edstrom Communications
    Published by Waggener Edstrom

  • 2014 Social Change Impact Report - Originally published by Walden University
    Published by Walden University

  • 2013 Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark™ Study - Originally published by Blackbaud
    Published by Blackbaud

  • 2013 Millennial Impact Report - Originally published by Millennial Impact Project
    Published by the Millennial Impact Project

  • Giving USA 2013 - Originally published by Giving USA Foundation
    Published by the Giving USA Foundation

  • 2013 mGive Text Giving Study - Originally published by mGive
    Published by mGive

  • 2013 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Survey - Originally published by NTEN
    Published by NTEN

  • Social Media: An Ongoing Series of Reports - Originally published by pew

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