10 Twitter Accounts Your Nonprofit Should Be Following

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Twitter is one of the most saturated places on the internet. With thousands of Tweets being sent every second, it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Following too few accounts will not allow you to fully utilize the platform, while following too many can over-saturate your feed, making it impossible to find the pertinent content.

Here are 10 account your nonprofit should be following to maximize the effectiveness of your Twitter.

  1. @EdgeRankChecker

    This innovative feed provides information about the always changing Facebook algorithm. It will also providing insight into what is currently ranking well and not ranking well on the social outlet.

  2. @GoogleNonprofit

    This is an all encompassing resource provided by Google, exclusively for nonprofits. Although it mostly provides tips for the best ways nonprofits can utilize Google’s tools, it also promotes general tips and information to more effectively run your nonprofit.

  3. @AllFacebook

    This Twitter feed will keep you and your nonprofit up to date on everything that is happening and changing about Facebook, and what those changes mean to your nonprofit. Furthermore, it offers insight into ways to better utilize the platform to interact with former and future fans.

  4. @GordonJayFrost

    Want more information to fundraise better? Look no further than Jay Frost’s Twitter feed. By keeping up to date with Frost’s Twitter, you’re ensuring you’re up to date and informed on the best fundraising trends from around the world.

  5. @JohnHaydon

    Although Facebook is difficult get a firm grasp on, John Haydon is one of the best in the business at Facebook page management. His Twitter feed offers tips, tricks, tutorial videos, infographics and everything else you need for a more effective Facebook page.

  6. @MeGarling

    If your nonprofit has a LinkedIn profile (it should), then you should be following Meg on Twitter. Meg’s feed is chock full of awesome advice to help you build a great board of directors, fun volunteers, and connect with like-minded professionals.

  7. @KiviLM

    Social media, email, and blogging tips, Kivi’s Twitter feed will provide your nonprofit with everything content marketing. If your nonprofit is utilizing content marketing (it should) than your cant afford to not follow @KiviLM.

  8. @HuffPostImpact

    Huffington Post is one of the most widely read online news publications in the world, and their Twitter feed is full interesting, engaging content pertaining specifically to nonprofit organizations. It is also a great source for curating content!

  9. @AskDebra

    Debra’s Twitter feed is dedicated to nonprofit management strategies. Her advice is geared towards measuring and managing the success of your organization.

  10. @Tech_Impact

    Yes, we’re plugging our own Twitter feed. But if your nonprofit uses technology (it does), then you need to be following @Tech_Impact. From tips on cloud computing to maximizing the effectiveness of social media campaigns, utilize our social media feed to hone your nonprofit’s use of tech.

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