10 Technology Adoption And Success Stats From Nonprofits

Did you know that small nonprofits have an average 1.26 IT staff members, and that larger nonprofits average 8.56?

Believe it. According to a 2012 infographic from NTEN, nonprofits have miniscule budgets when it comes to IT support and services, but realize the important role technology plays in their organization.

Check out these other compelling statistics:

  1. Over 75% of the leading nonprofits are engaged in tech planning and adoption.

  2. Inversely, over 50% of struggling nonprofits are not engaged in tech planning and adoption (YIKES!).

  3. The average technology budget is 5% of a nonprofit's total budet.

  4. Nonprofits of all sizes averaged a Tech Effectiveness Score (TES) of 18.27 out of 30, in terms of analyzing their technology and making effective decisions.

  5. Leading nonprofits achieved an average TES of 22.5 out of 30.

  6. Struggling nonprofits achieved an average TES of 13.89 out of 30.

  7. 49% of nonprofits are not measuring their ROI of technology.

  8. By 2011, 55% of nonprofits survedy said they developed a technology plan or strategy.

  9. Struggling nonprofits have an average tech training budget of $640, and low adoption levels.

  10. The leading nonprofits have an average tech training budget of $5,755.81 and high adoption levels.
Technology: The Smart Investment
by Lemon.ly.
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