10 Nonprofit Statistics You Have To See

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Sometimes, the best thing to do is take a step back, slow down, and look at the data. It is important to be informed when reassessing, to decide what’s important, and not important, in your nonprofit’s hectic daily rhythms.

Numbers and percentages provide insight, give direction, and validity to everything we do. If the numbers do not support a sustainable growth for a program, or campaign, it may be time to make a change to your strategy.

These ten statistics about nonprofit technology, fundraising, and social media offers us insights into the effectiveness of our strategies, and can help us redesign strategies in the future.

  • 76% of mobile subscribers came from integration with a CRM system. (Source)
  • 6.4% of all fundraising in the United States was from online giving in 2013. (Source)
  • 25% of nonprofits professionals have a documented content strategy. (Source)
  • Nonprofits maintained on average 21,788 Twitter followers in 2012. (Source)
  • 13% of all charitable giving goes to Education organizations. (Source)
  • 50% of donors say a personalized ‘thank you’ is more important than a speedy one. (Source)
  • 3% of all charitable giving goes to Environmental / Animals organizations. (Source)
  • 75% of donors spend less than 2 hours researching nonprofits before giving. (Source)
  • 9% of all charitable giving foes to Health organizations. (Source)
  • 18.2% of all online fundraising was for Medical Research nonprofit organizations. (Source)

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